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D'LONG Dump Truck & O'LONG Dump Truck

The description of D'LONG Dump Truck & O'LONG Dump Truck
With the advantages of advanced design, high performance, reliable quality and complete specification, D'LONG Dump Truck & O'LONG Dump Truck are trusted and praised by customers all over the world.

The characteristic of D'LONG Dump Truck & O'LONG Dump Truck
1. Cab-Safety, novelty, reliability
2. Electrical system-Making your driving more comfortable and relieved
3.Transmission case-The necessary guarantee for good power takeoff
4.Truck frame-Ensuring super-strength load bearing

The technical specification of D'LONG Dump Truck & O'LONG Dump Truck
Driving type: 4×2, 6×4 and 8×4
Cab: there are mainly two types: standard and lengthened
Engine: EURO2 and EURO3. Power range: 240-336PS
4×2: 3800,4600
6×4: 2925+1350, 3225+1350, 3425+1350, 3625+1350, 3825+1350,4125+1350, 4325+1350, 4625+1350
8×4: 1800+2800+1350, 1800+3000+1350, 1800+3200+1350, 1800+3500+1350, 1800+3800+1350, 1800+4200+1350, 1800+4600+1350
GVW(t): 16(19), 25(32), 31(38,40)

Chassis Model SX3255BM354 Chassis categories two
Product Name Dump truck chassis

Zip Code 710043 Automobile number -
Specifications Length: 7451 Width 2490 Height: 3020
Fuel type Diesel oil Based on criteria GB17691-2005ChinaⅢ,GB3847-2005
To form Steering wheel
Shaft 3 Wheelbase 3525+1350
Spring films 10/12 Tire number 10
Tire specifications 11.00-20,11.00R20,12.00-20,12.00R20 Track Track front: 1939 Track rear: 1850/1850
Total Quality 25000
Kerb mass 8800 Trailer quality
Tractor saddles
Front passenger 2
Close to departure angle 28/30 After hanging before hanging 1576/1000
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